For fun, I thought I’d share some odd things I tend to do. I recently read an article about strange habits people have, and I realized I do a lot of them.

  1. When I drive in the rain, I look at the windshield wipers on other cars to see if I’m overreacting.
  2. I sometimes act like my life is a musical and I sing songs in my head about the things I’m doing.
  3. I speak to the characters in my books… and they answer back.
  4. I’m learning Calligraphy.
  5. I sound like a chihuahua when I laugh.
  6. I hate wearing socks, and I have a foot phobia. I can’t stand other people’s feet touching me or having people touch my feet.
  7. Clowns are evil. At least, I can’t stand them.
  8. I’m a vivid, lucid dreamer. I not only see and hear in my dreams, I can feel, smell, and taste things in my dreams.
  9. I believe in spirits. We went on a trip to the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, and we caught (what I think) are spirits in some photos.
  10. I’m not a cat person, but when I found a kitten under a slab of cement near a highway she became my tiny feline soul mate.

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