A LaFleur Family Chronicles Paranormal Mystery Romance

In 1922, young socialite Edith Ballenger falls in love with her father's driver Clyde Moses, forcing her to choose between a life as a wealthy trophy wife or a life of full of love and poverty. Only three things hold her back – her love for her siblings, her devotion to her deceased mother's prize winning First Love gardenias, and her father's lust for money. With the threat of a pre-arranged marriage to a rich brute looming, Edith and Clyde plan to run away from Sunstone Estates. On the night of their departure, the unthinkable happens – she's betrayed by the man she loves.


A century later, 22-year-old Ada Price returns to the home she tried to escape. Abandoned at the age of five, she grew up with her distant uncle Edwin Ballenger II at Sunstone Estates. Her relatives never let her forget that she wasn't one of them. Now her uncle is sick and needs her help. Reluctantly, she goes back to the lonely mansion that gave her nightmares and faces the ghosts from her past. When an ancestral spirit comes back to haunt her, she finds herself in the middle of a century old scandal. Only this time, she's not alone. Ryan Yates, a handsome nurse, becomes her closest ally and more.


Together, Edith and Ada will try to heal the past, and perhaps First Love will bloom again.


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