***** I received this ARC for free from NetGalley in return for an honest review *****I give this book 4.5 stars. I really loved this book, can’t wait read further works from this author! It was a fabulous mix of steampunk, mystery, small dash of romance, and action. It was very well written, easy to read with a bright open tone. Honestly, there’ wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it, I thought the whole thing was spectacular!

Dixie Messing

I loved this story! I couldn’t read fast enough!  This was my first time reading a story like this and it won’t be the last.  LOVED IT!

Anne Gooch

Loved this story! Found the characters really engaging!! Loved the whole Victorian subculture.

Sarah Crowley

This book had a great worldbuilding, wonderfully shown through the eyes of a human girl from the ‘normal’ world. I love the way steampunk is used in this book. The writing style in ‘Into Aether’ was absolutely perfect, with sentences which just flew into one another. I felt pulled into this world, and after a while stopped reading it and started watching along.

Jantine Kampes-Schimmel

Another tale of Steampunk goodness with pirates of airships and strange people with quirks that might just have you reaching to turn on a light... A girl in search of the truth... a land build out of junk from another time... a people craving the attention of anyone who will listen... the perfect recipe for an equally diverse and wonderful tale of mystery and fantasy. I truly loved this story and look forward to more like it.

Ruby Blotzer

Mixing all the characters from the first novel—Theo, Victor, Nessie, Vivi, Valera and more---with new and exciting additions—most notably Gideon as a love interest for Valera, Escape Aether is a fast paced and adventurous sequel that highly entertains and leaves me ready to read the next book in the series!

Rachel Micallef

The story is awesomely good! The pacing is fast and a lot happened in the book but its easy to keep up and very entertaining, I loved the first book and this one is no exception!.

Gabrielle Messier