I’m L.M. Fry, an Amazon Teen Steampunk bestselling Author.

I write for teens and adults in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and romance.

I’m a HUGE geek at heart. A few of my favorite books/shows/graphic novels are the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who. My dream would be to go to Comic Con and do a book signing.

I have duo citizenship with Canada and the US. I grew up on the west coast of British Columbia and miss it dearly. I graduated university in Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I now live in Oklahoma with my three wonderful children and my amazing husband. It wasn’t until I had children that I found my love for telling stories.

Aether Extravaganza!

Here are a few more pics from last night's event! Thank you to all who joined me at Best of Books!

For the past four summers, I've attended the West Texas Writer's Academy. It is a week long intensive training session with some of the best authors and teachers in the world. The academy is hosted by West Texas A&M in Canyon, TX and run by award winning romance writer Jodi Thomas and romance writer Tim Lewis. For more information check it out here: West Texas Writer's Academy.

If you follow my on Instagram, you’ll see I have a constant writing buddy named Applebee. Yes, she’s named after the restaurant. We found her as a tiny abandoned kitten under a slab of cement in the parking lot of Applebees.

I also have two dogs Gandalf and Gimli, and a very old, very cranky cat named Aphrodite.

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