The Aether Extravaganza event last night at Best of Books in Edmond, OK was a great success!  I spoke about several topics, including the recent release of The Obsidian Star, my inspiration for the Trinity Key trilogy, why I got started writing in the first place with The Soulseer, and even a sneak peek of my next major series, The Shadow Rebellion Legends!

There were plenty of questions from the audience, which is great because I always forget something that people want to know, and that’s what questions are for, after all.  Then, I signed lots of books and chatted with my fans through the evening.  I loved that part the best because I really enjoy getting to know my fans!  Here are a few photos from the event, and you can see even more here:


Best of Books Signing 2                                        Best of Books Signing Pic 1


I’m really grateful to all the wonderful people who helped to put this event together.  First, thank you Best of Books for hosting the event and providing refreshments and helping to get the word out.  If you haven’t been to Best of Books and are in the area, it is a great neighborhood bookstore – you know, the kind of store that has all those local books that you can’t find anywhere else, cozy little spaces to browse, and, best of all, storekeepers that learn your name and love to chat about great books!

Second, my thanks to fellow author Megan Cox.  I couldn’t have done this event without her!  She helped me with the logistics and spreading the word through local media outlets.  She even had time to bring refreshments!!

If weren’t able to make the event, no worries.  I’m planning many similar events in the future, both in person and online, to give everyone plenty of chances to attend!  Plus, you can always drop me a note here anytime.  I really love to hear from my fans, so don’t be shy.  Smile

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